Hemp Wick Candles: 3 Perks of Choosing a Hemp Core

When it comes down to what makes for a great candle, most people’s minds go to things like fragrance, color, or design. Nothing wrong with that and it’s partly true! But an often-overlooked element of the candle is its wick, which plays a huge role in candle functionality. The wick draws liquid wax up to the flame, fueling its performance. So, as you can imagine, the type of wick used impacts the candle’s performance: how hot it burns, how clean, how bright, its scent throw, and more. Here we’ll take a look at hemp core wicks and the benefits they offer.

Safe & Healthy

Of the many hundreds of wick varieties, hemp wicks are considered among the safest, healthiest, and greenest. Hemp wicks are made up of braided natural fibers that don’t require any bleaching or chemical treatment. Additionally, when paired with natural soy wax, the result is a clean and toxin-free burn.

Naturally Strong Performance

Hemp is a strong and versatile natural fiber. Compared to other natural wick types, such as cotton, hemp has a greater rigidity. So, when utilized as a core, this natural strength and versatility allows the wick to stand up easier on its own. And as mentioned above, it does not require the use of any metals for core support, bleach, or chemical treatment. The hemp core naturally stays rigid and upright while burning.

More Fragrance

A hemp core wick not only burns cleanly, but it also burns hotter than most wick alternatives. When the wick allows the candle to burn hotter, it can often result in a greater hot scent throw. This means that when the candle is burning, it releases more fragrance, which provides a fuller aroma for your enjoyment.

Hemp core wicks in candle jars
Hemp core wicks pictured here in our candle-making process.

Every candle from Diamond Elm utilizes a hemp core wick along with all-natural soy wax. This gives us an all-natural candle with an amazing, full aroma. From the benefits and performance we’ve experienced with our hemp wick candles, we expect to see more companies and crafters jump on the hemp bandwagon for their candles and other natural product offerings.