Our Story

Hey there! Here’s a little story about how Diamond Elm Candles came to be.

We are a mother/daughter company that started out as a fun hobby. What originally began in one home soon spread into the homes of our family and friends. We would hand candles out as gifts for the holidays and make them for our own enjoyment. People kept suggesting we sell the candles, so eventually we took their advice. After 10 years of candle making, Diamond Elm Candles was born!

Our handcrafted candles are 100% soy wax with hemp wicks that provide a clean and prolonged burn. Our standard candles are 16 oz and burn for an average of 90 – 100 hours. There are lots of scent blends to choose from. We hope you’ll love them all!

We like sharing our passion and process along the way. You can stay updated on all our goings-on by visiting our blog or joining our email list. And most of all, we love seeing you enjoy our candles. So, if you’re loving your Diamond Elm Candle, tag us on Instagram!